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SWS: Majority of Filipinos believe drug suspects killed despite surrendering

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 29) — Majority of Filipinos in a non-commissioned survey believe drug suspects were killed despite surrendering to authorities.

Over a thousand Filipinos were asked if they agree or not that there are illegal drug suspects who surrendered yet were still killed. The Social Weather Stations survey result released on Friday showed 63 percent of those asked agreed with the statement.

On a regional scale, 75 percent of respondents from Metro Manila, 63 percent from Mindanao and Luzon, while 53 percent of respondents from Visayas agreed some drug suspects who turned themselves in to the police still ended up dead.

Only 20 percent disagreed, while 17 percent were undecided.

Over 1.3 million drug suspects surrendered to authorities since the Duterte administration began its anti-drug campaign. Police said 3,811 drug personalities were killed during drug operations.

Meanwhile, 39 countries issued a statement urging the Philippines to end killings related to the war on drugs.

Seventeen percent of the survey respondents said they know someone who was falsely summoned by the police for their anti-drug operations but are not involved in the drug trade.

In the same survey about the government’s war against drugs, SWS earlier reported 54 percent of Filipinos surveyed think many of those killed in the drug war did not really fight back against the police.

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The survey was conducted from June 23 to 26, 2017 through face-to face interviews with 1,200 adults nationwide.







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